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Fenton Generators: Power On Demand For Your Fenton Home


Looking to keep your Fenton home safe during a power outage? If so, our Generac generators are the perfect solution for your needs. As the leading heating & air conditioning company for Fenton, we take power emergencies seriously. This service will help keep you and your family safe in the event of a storm.

Backup Generator Installation

Our Generac generators will help keep your Fenton home powered during an outage. These whole home automatic standby generators work as soon as the power has gone out, ensuring that things indoors stay working. This will help keep you and your family comfortable, alongside providing cost-saving solutions such as keeping any food in your fridge cold and safe.

Looking for more of our high-quality heating solutions? Aside from generators, we also provide help with furnaces and more!

How Generators Can Help Save Lives

Generators save lives by keeping you and your family safe during extended power outages. When a storm or other event knocks out the power, particularly during times of extreme temperatures, it can sadly be fatal. With a generator on standby, you'll have access to power automatically, making it much easier to ride out the outage until the power can be restored.

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Frequently Asked Generator Questions

The size of the generator needed for your home will depend on the total electrical load you want to power during an outage. It's important to consider what you'll need to use during a power outage, such as simply having enough power to keep the lights on or to be able to use your appliances and other things as well. A small generator won't be able to power everything at once, so if you're looking to keep everything on as normal in the event of a storm or emergency, a bigger size may be preferable.

Our skilled team will conduct an electrical load analysis, considering factors such as your appliances, lighting setup, and overall HVAC system requirements to better recommend the appropriate generator size. It's essential to choose a generator that will always meet your specific needs to ensure reliable backup power during emergencies.

Routine maintenance for generators is crucial for reliability. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance to ensure peak performance during power outages. Maintenance tasks for generators will include things such as:

  • Checking fuel levels
  • Inspecting and cleaning air filters
  • Testing the battery
  • Verifying overall functionality

This proactive approach helps to identify any potential issues before they become major problems—ensuring that your generator is ready to provide reliable backup power when you need it most.

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